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"Musically sitting somewhere between Tame Impala's mind expanding aural excursions and Ladytron's polemic electro pop, Sonars' blend of ambient electro-pop and delicate shoegaze encapsulate the true spirit of Eurosonic in every conceivable way."
(Dom Gourlay – Drowned in Sound)

“Perhaps, such a mature and well structured EP from a musical point of view hasn’t been heard in a long time. The band which manages to overcome post-modernity and succeeds at creating a synthesis between the genres which marked the previous century and filtering them through into the 2000s.“
(Antonio Pistone – Dafenproject)

“Sonars make use of a variety of instrumentation, mixing vintage organs and modern drum pads in order to create an original sound whose Sixties' fragrance can be picked up on a mile away. Psychedelia lies in the genetic code of this young Anglo Italian band.”
(Ugo Bacci – Eco Di Bergamo)

“Burning microphones for Sonars, who have formed quite recently and are practically at the beginning of their career, with a debut release marked by strong psychedelic overtones.”
(Fabio Santini – Corriere Della Sera)

“Sonars' sound hovers between explosive interstellar harmonies and cosmic psychedelic vibrations, journeying though spirals of oscillating harmonies and kaleidoscopic resonances.”
(Bergamo News)

"With a carefully constructed retro sixties style, the combination of Frederick Paysden and Sonars creates a unique ensemble that is really well orchestrated. They are already at work on an album which could risk being truly groundbreaking!"
(Maxence Doutriaux – Song of The Week)

“Lots of 60s, lots of Psychedelia, lots of Beatles, but nevertheless new in its conception of rhythm and its usage of some ultramodern sounds. To our surprise a band half-way between two countries, between two continents, between two worlds. To our surpise one of the best productions of the year, at the end of the year.”
(Giulio Falla – Cheap Sound)

“A debut EP which begins in outer space. The four tracks give a pretty substantial preview at least of the refined taste of the trio, not only capable of digitally recording their musical evolution, but of also suceeding in using it to tell a story.”
(Fabio Alcini – Music Traks)

“Music is in the DNA of Frederick Paysden, founder of the retro-futuristic band Sonars. The source of inspiration lies in comic books from the 50s and 60s such as “Jeff Hawke” and “Doctor Strange” but the scenery is also reminiscent of “Metropolis”. Soft Machine, Pink Floyd and The Beatles are all sources of inspiration.”
(Rosanna Scardi – Il Corriere della Sera)

"The first song on the EP acts as a visiting card in regard to the entire experimentation. “Desert Moon” moves fluidly amongst vintage keyboards and modern electro, winking at “Space Oddity” and the stylistic choices of the White Duke’s era."
(Ugo Bacci – Eco Di Bergamo)

"A pop heart free of all complications, coloured by a careful and intelligent dosage of keyboards and effects, containing emphasized McCartney-style elements, rotating psych with certain references to the orient that the Beatles also experimented with."
(Elia Galli – Sentireascoltare)

“An extremely refined and mature EP which demonstrates just how much life there still is in Psychedelia and and how it is possible to interpret it following an original and even modern inkling, without forgetting about the roots. Sonars, furthermore, are excellent at both playing and composing.”
(Francesco Lenzi – Audiofollia)

“It starts with a bang: this is the case for Sonars. Psychedelia and acid envelop every single song on what is to all effects a concept album. The virtue of a band like Sonars is that of being able to give each song its very own and well defined soul.”
(Jacopo Misiti – Loudvision)

“During their debut EP Sonars grab you by the hand and take you on a trip aboard their spacecraft: they cuddle you with gentle sounds and angelic voices confounding your senses, fluctuating amongst celestial masses and asteroids.”
(John Terrible - Osservatore Elaviano)

“Popedelic vapors which put you in a daze for the entire duration of the 4 songs which make up this exciting voyage that takes you on a trip around planets and sensations of the 60s, also absorbing, however, modern radiation.”
(Ricky Brit Pop –

“A small ep that displays the initial spark of a band which, if they maintain this amount of energy, could easily go a long way. A Space sound that travels much further that current English pop music.”
(Silvio Mancinelli –

“Psych-Rock is exactly what we’re talking about. In addition to traces of Indian and Space elements, what emerges most of all during the songs’ introductions is an underlying pop, brit-pop, influence.”
(Nicola Togni –

Sonars - The space voyage of Captain Jack Rust. An Interview with Luca Franceschini
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“What is truly astonishing is the sonic maturity which Sonars already possess, creators of an elegant and cohesive style.”
(Fabio Guastalla – Ondarock)

“The song Dragonfly IV, is the best example of the chameleon-like skills which this promising trio possess, and who are just at the beginning of an interesting tradition.”
(Matteo Ceschi – Indiana Music Mag)

“Sonars offer a versatile live set, from vibrant electric trips performed in the spirit of those at the UFO, to an acoustic dimension, dryer, well-measured and intimate.”
(Alessandro Monaci – CTRL)

“I Sonars fanno un uso saggio e studiato di ogni strumento e soprattutto l’atmosfera generale del disco si muove sempre tra sonorita` ovattate e dolci, dove sembra di gravitare a mezz’aria, proprio come un astronauta solo, stonato e felice.”
(Matteo Mannocci – Mescalina)

I Sonars sono stati inseriti nella classfica dei migliori live di Marzo secondo i direttori artistici di Keepon:

“Sonars arrive sur scène. Le public au premier abord se questionne. Mais les questionnements sont vites arrêtés dès la première note du set du groupe. Il se laisse transporter par les arrangements géniaux du quatuor : des riffs de guitare à en fairepàlir les plus grands auteurs. Les 2 frères enchantent le public avec leurs voix qui s’unissent à la perfection. Une musique magique et majestueuse aux accents psychédéliques et rock. On est conquis.”
(Magali Arsac – Midnight Coffee)

Live Report e intervista di Alessio Ciccolo su
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